At present, Sony’s compact A7RII is one of the most versatile professional photography/videography combination tools on the market.
Through the use of a 42.4 MP sensor we are able to deliver some of the highest resolution stills on the market, whilst also delivering a stunning 4K video image.
Additional features such as ISO 102400 and a complex 5 Axis Image Stabilization allow crisp night shoots and crystal clear imagery respectfully.


The Canon 5D is one of the tested core staples of the promotional film world and the mark 3 through the usage of modern firmwires has allowed this camera to not only shoot 4K resolution but also 2K 14-bit uncompressed RAW images that allow for large-scale image manipulation in order to deliver incredibly dynamic imagery.

The RED Dragon speaks for it self. 6K sensor, 15.6 stops of dynamic range, insane slow-motion while shooting up to 300FPS. Dragon is a camera that you will see on most high budget productions in the world. We operate it Effortlessly thanks to our advanced gimbal technology such as a MOVI Pro.

Through the use of the Ninja Inferno, we are able to boost our cameras abilities to their maximum potential.

Using this device we are able to bypass the heavy compression found in smaller DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras resulting in 8x more information being recorded Allowing for a drastic increase of video image quality.

The Ninja Inferno also offers 48V Phantom power for improved Audio Recording Further, through its vast list of real-time image control features, the monitor allows us to make sure the quality of our products are always ahead of the game.



Back in 2012 Freefly Systems changed the game forever when they applied 3-axis stabilized gimbal technology into a professional camera rig system known as the Movi. Since then they have been leading the race in stabilized Gimbal technology and recently released the Movi Pro that removes all of the older kinks of the previous system for quick and easy setup and operation.





Further with the ingenious use of the state of the art Mimic Controller we are able dual camera operate even in the most complex evirnoments swiftly and efficiently without adding any shake to the image. Through the use of the mimic we can further execute highly elaborate movements that add greatly to the production value.
Movi Pro is the most professionally well respected 3-Axis Stabilized Gimbal systems on the market to date.


                       There's no such thing as a bumpy ride with a MOVI Pro...


Being the latest addition to the elite line of professional drones from DJI, the Mavic Pro is the result of when drone engineering pushes the BOUNDARIES OF CREATIVITY and ergonomics to its limits.


The Mavic pro despite it’s small size packs a similar punch the Phantom 3 Pro series, whilst incorporating the intelligent flight modes of the Phantom 4 with the additional bonus of supplying a 7KM working distance, built in GPS for precision hover, a 3-axis stabilized gimbal for smooth images and a 4K Ultra HD sensor for crystal clear quality.

It’s extremely fast setup time and portability allows for us to film swiftly from hard to land places such as Super Yachts or Super Cars.
Most importantly it’s modest size, high mobility, and comparatively silent motors supply make this drone indispensible for creating quick and organic imagery on the fly without disrupting live events such as weddings or corporate events.

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